Construction by Hand Whitchurch Builder – Dellands House – New Orangery.

Creation of a new Orangery and redesign of the interior of the original building to create this new space.

Ben Hand Build was delighted to win the commission to create the new Orangery on this well known Manor House located within the village of Overton. Working with the architects, we have created this wonderful new space. Extending the lower ground floor and taking existing rooms within the original house to create this brand new space. This now also includes a “secret” wine cellar beneath! Read more about how this build progressed.

Digging the foundations and moving supplies and utilities.

Our first task has been to move the underground pipe work for drainage and waste to allow for the construction to begin. Along the way we have also uncovered electric, water and gas supplies to outlaying buildings. These all need to be moved in preparation for the build. In the middle of what will be a stunning orangery, is an underground water tank. Consultations are ongoing to see if it can be converted into a wine cellar…

Opening the way to build in the new orangery.

We are merging 3 internal rooms into one amazing space which will lead into the new orangery. Internal walls are coming down and part of the external wall has also been removed. We are now in the process of inserting steels to support the eternal wall and allow us to safely open up this space. New foundations are also in.

In addition, an old water storage area has been emptied. New plans have been added to make this into a wine cellar area. It will have no ordinary drop down. Plans are being finalised, but we promise something quite spectacular. Keep following our updates for progress and more details.

Once the preparation work is complete, we will begin forming the new structure of the brand new orangery!

Heating upgrade.

Whilst the work on the orangery is being carried out, the owners have also instructed us to upgrade the heating. This involves cleaning through the heating and hot water pipes replacing the boiler. The image below shows the new boiler. This type of heater can usually be found in commercial premises. The old boiler was much larger and took up all of the floor space you can see in the image. The task now is to rearrange the pipe work the meet up to the new heating system.

Gaining space, making space.

The construction of the orangery and wine cellar will be the simplest part of the build. We have been spending our time making the structural changes necessary. A side effect of this has also been the removal of a chimney breast. In the washroom above, where there was once a wall taking up the corner of the room, will now accommodate a larger bath, shower was basin and toilet.

Preparing the structure.

Where there were once three rooms and an outside wall, is now one large open space. We have put in a considerable amount of steel supports and pillars to hold the rest of the external wall and internal structure. Clever design will ensure the pillars are not “in the way”. They will be incorporated into the new kitchen island, which will be placed in between the supporting pillars.

Ready for Christmas Dinner!

Big finish for the kitchen!

Today we had the solid marble worktop delivered and installed. Custom made to fit over the hand made kitchen cabinets and pillars, it took eight men to lift and delicately put into place. With the final piece of hardware installed we can put in the finishing touches like taps, fit the sink, oven and so on.

Letting the light flood in.

With the glazed lantern installed, we are waiting for the large windows to be complete. In a matter of days, specialist craftsmen will arrive on site to carry out the installation. The windows make up the majority of the exterior. Once fitted, light will flood in, giving way to wonderful views of the grounds. The underfloor heating, double glazing and insulation will keep this new area warm and cosy while the family tuck into the turkey!

Finishing touches.

As you can see from the image below, there is the opening to the wine cellar to complete! When we return after Christmas, the new flooring will be placed on top to make it appear completely hidden. At the touch of a button, this motorised doorway will reveal the set of steps and the latest LED lighting to show the wine selection beneath!

The family wanted to be able to celebrate Christmas Day in this wonderful new space and we’re on track to enable them to do just that.

Build Complete

We are pleased to have completed this Orangery extension, complete with “hidden” wine cellar. Surrounding landscaping has been completed, leaving the site looking as if we were never there!