Major Bungalow Extension – Overton Builder in Hampshire

Ben Hand – Overton Builder – Bungalow Extension.

Progress on this extensive bungalow conversion is going well!

The new shell is up and we are finishing the changes to the roof structure. We are using a mix of new and existing tiles on the new roof to blend into the original. With the external walls complete, we are in the process of reconfiguring the internal walls to create new and larger living spaces.

Lots of natural light.

The two gable extensions have been connected together using a flat roof. The bespoke aluminium doors and windows are now being manufactured, along with the lantern light feature, which will be installed into the flat roof.  This will allow light to flood into the enlarged kitchen and dining areas. The image below shows the interior of the new structure.

The good winter weather has meant that we have been able to progress on this new bungalow extension with minimal delay. The new porch is now in place at the front of the building too.

Once the roof tiles are on place we will move onto installing the new bespoke windows and doors. This will make the new bungalow structure watertight. We can then move to the internal work and external rendering.