Major Bungalow Extension – Overton Builder, Hampshire

The WOW factor!

Ben Hand Overton Builder – Major Bungalow Extension in Hampshire.

We’ve added the WOW factor to this bungalow extension and re-design in Overton. It looked very different when we started.

There is a new porch with a new feature door that brings this old 1970’s design into the 21st century.

Most of the structural work was to the rear of the building. We are extended the gable to one side. This enlarged the kitchen. To the other side we created a new gable to make a whole new living space. In the middle will is a new area which will have a “feature skylight” above. This will allow natural light to flood this new space!

We are re-worked the garden to the rear. New supporting walls and new planters around the edge.

Major Bungalow Extension – Overton Builder in Hampshire

Ben Hand – Overton Builder – Bungalow Extension.

Don’t be fooled by the water on the new floor. That’s actually a GOOD sign!

There had been some heavy rain the previous night and we have been draining as much as we can. If there had been no water, this would have indicated a leak in the lining below the concrete! Once we have the walls and roof on, we keep out the rain. The new flooring soon dries off.

We try to keep the amount of disruption to a minimum. This is the we are building the new walls and flooring before we start on the main building. This allows the owner to stay in their home for as long as possible and spend less money on living elsewhere when we come to alter the roof structure.

Major Bungalow Extension – Overton Builder in Hampshire

Ben Hand – Overton Builder – Bungalow Extension.

Progress on this extensive bungalow conversion is going well!

The new shell is up and we are finishing the changes to the roof structure. We are using a mix of new and existing tiles on the new roof to blend into the original. With the external walls complete, we are in the process of reconfiguring the internal walls to create new and larger living spaces.

Lots of natural light.

The two gable extensions have been connected together using a flat roof. The bespoke aluminium doors and windows are now being manufactured, along with the lantern light feature, which will be installed into the flat roof.  This will allow light to flood into the enlarged kitchen and dining areas. The image below shows the interior of the new structure.

The good winter weather has meant that we have been able to progress on this new bungalow extension with minimal delay. The new porch is now in place at the front of the building too.

Once the roof tiles are on place we will move onto installing the new bespoke windows and doors. This will make the new bungalow structure watertight. We can then move to the internal work and external rendering.

Major Bungalow Extension – Overton Builder in Hampshire

Ben Hand – Overton Builder – Bungalow Extension.

Full height door entrance now in place!

As the warm dry weather continues, we are making wonderful progress on this bungalow extension!

While we are waiting for the windows, the roof is complete and plasterboard is going into the new walls. The porch will have a full height door way in the new porch. The image below shows it from the inside. The boarding will be replaced to allow light to flood in! Plaster boarding is also being put on on the new walls to the rear of the property. Each “wing” has been joined to form one large open space with light flooding from above!

Quality Bungalow Extension – Overton Builder in Hampshire

Ben Hand – Overton Builder – Bungalow Extension.

Doors and windows are in. Floors are going down.

We are at the final stages of completing this major bungalow extension.

As you can see from the image below, the new door and window panels now let in lots of light. At time of writing, the floor is being completed. Only fixtures and fittings to complete.

Bungalow Extension and Redesign- Overton Builder in Hampshire

The transformation is complete.

Ben Hand – Overton Builder – Bungalow Extension.

The owners are delighted with the transformation of their bungalow!

You wouldn’t recognise this completed build from the original structure. Completely rendering the whole property, extending and adding the feature porch gives this family a love new home with the quality workmanship from Ben Hand Build.

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