House Extension – Sherbourne St John Builder in Hampshire

Ben Hand – Sherbourne St John Builder – House Extension.

This new extension has got some wonderful touches and some neat solutions to work round some problems.

The room above had to have a supporting beam to the right. This dropped below the height of the ceiling. This has now been encompassed into the design of the room itself. It has been covered over and copied around the outer edge of the room. Recessed lighting will be placed into the plasterboard. What could have been an awkward looking steel dropping into the room has now been transformed into a very contemporary feature.

We have now knocked through from the extension through to what was the kitchen. This will transform into a much larger kitchen area.

As considerate builders, we place a temporary seal the doors to the rest of the property. This helps to prevent dust from spreading into the other rooms of the house.

We will extend the overhang to match the workshop to the left of the property. The addition of feature supports add a lovely detail.

Other interesting features include a Juliet balcony to the first floor of this extension.